2022 6th International Scientific Conference on Information, Control, and Communication Technologies (ICCT-2022)

Astrakhan, October 3 - 7, 2022

Section 1. Scientific Instrumentation

The session topics include but not limited to the fundamental and applied problems of modern scientific instrumentation in optoelectronics, acousto-optic, microwave technology, antenna systems, measuring technology, fundamental and applied problems of modern scientific instrumentation in biology and medicine, achievements in biophotonics.

Section 2. Hardware and software for information and communication systems

The session will include original papers on the current trends in design and modeling of telecommunication systems, new results in neural networks and their applications, works on 5G/6G systems including optical and millimeter-wave communication systems. Original papers covering fundamental and applied issues of information technologies in industry and economics will be also considered.
Section 3. Technical robotics
The session will present papers and talks covering the latest scientific and technical achievements in the field of robotics and technical cybernetics, including the development of circuit solutions for devices, as well as issues of mathematical modeling.

Section 4. Reliability, diagnostics and non-destructive testing

The session will include latest scientific results on modern achievements in defectoscopy and non-destructive testing of materials and devices for radio- and microelectronics, optoelectronics, bioengineering, experimental and theoretical works in the field of reliability of infocommunication devices and systems including methods for calculating and improving reliability.

Section 5. Theoretical and applied problems of information security

The session will consider modern achievements in areas of information security hardware and software including neural networks, as well as the results of theoretical and experimental research in the field of cryptographic methods.

Section 6. Control and automation systems

The session will include novel researches on modern achievements in the field of automated control systems, instruments and automation equipment, measurement, control, diagnostics, mathematical modeling of devices and systems and other related topics.

Section 7. Digital ecosystems, production and logistics management

The session materials will cover latest achievements in the field of Internet, cloud and fog technologies, Internet of Things including sensors and cyber-physical systems, problems of production management and other related topics.

Section 8. Materials for infocommunication systems

The session will cover the latest results on the theoretical and experimental researches in the area of new materials used in infocommunication systems design and production. The session topics include the electromagnetic properties in the optical, millimeter and microwave domains, researches on the nonlinear materials, metamaterials, nanostructures, nanofilms, photonic crystals, chiral materials, etc.

Section 9. Equations of mathematical physics and practical applications

The session will present the papers covering modern achievements in methods of mathematical physics theory and practical applications of these theories.