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Session 1. Scientific Instrumentation in Telecommunication and Control Systems
   Subsession 1.1. Physical Devices and Techniques        
   Subsession 1.2. Hyperspectral and acousto-optic methods, devices and systems
   Subsession 1.3. Optical instruments and methods        
Session 2. Biomedicine information systems and biomedical Informatics 
Session 3. Hardware and software for information and communication systems 
Session 4. Technical robotics
Session 5.Reliability, diagnostics and non-destructive testing 
Session 6. Control and automation systems 
Session 7. Digital ecosystems, production and logistics management
Session 8. Methods of mathematic modeling of physical processes and materials for infocommunication systems
Subsession8.1. Materials for infocommunication systems 
Subsession8.2. Methods of mathematic modeling of physical processes in optics and radiolocation. R-functions,atomic functions,wavelets, fractals and chaos